Locum Tenens Blog – November 2017

Welcome to this month’s blog post sharing some great reads from around the web!


How Locum Tenens NPs Can Redefine Work-Life Balance

I love the above article from TinkBird because I often get messages from other Nurse Practitioners that are burnt out and wondering if locum tenens would be the answer for them. Fortunately, the answer is Yes! Read the article above to find out why.


Barton Associate’s had a lot of interesting articles too:

5 Qualities a Recruiter Looks for in a Locum Tenens Candidate: This provided some good insight into what will make a recruiter more interested in working with you and open up more opportunities to finding the perfect assignment.

Finding Volunteering Opportunities As a Locum on the Road: I actually used to be REALLY involved in volunteer work and started thinking about how I wanted to get back into that realm again. I was happy to stumble upon this resource guide to help me start volunteering while I am on new assignments.


Forbes had an article about the increase in Advanced Practice Nurse pay. Great read to see how nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses are starting to be compensated appropriately.

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