How Treating Others Well Pays Off

Remember I mentioned I couldn’t work with my favorite recruiter at the Occupational Health Clinic because I needed a 1099 job? Fortunately, going back to this geriatric clinic meant I could go back to my favorite recruiter as well!

As promised on my previous post, I sent her some flowers and she called me in tears! I think it is extremely important to make incredible people feel appreciated. J

When I asked for my new agreement with the Tampa clinic, I noticed that the pay rate was $2/h more than I was making previously. I honestly thought it was an accident because no one mentioned anything to me and I hadn’t even asked for a raise. I asked my recruiter and she said ‘I always try to get you the best rate, and even though it doesn’t always work, this time it did!”

I was really surprised and grateful! Sure $2/h doesn’t sound like much but over 3 months it’s an extra $1000.

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I didn’t ask for an incentive to work at another market for the same company. To be honest, the company has always treated me really well and I almost consider them to be family. For instance, they gave me a $5000 bonus just for extending another 3 months. When I worked 10 hours of overtime a week, they never questioned me about it. They house me in expensive hotels (such as the Westin) and don’t mind flying me home every 1-3 months. They even randomly give me gift cards occasionally for no reason (such as Starbucks and Walmart).

Although they need me more than I need them, it’s good for me to have an option in multiple states that I can consider at any time. They are also an amazing company that I would probably work for the day I decide to go permanent (if that day ever comes).

They also agreed to fly me up to Virginia for the annual holiday party, which is sweet and more for me than for them.

3 thoughts on “How Treating Others Well Pays Off

  1. I really enjoy your blog. It has given me encouragement to keep moving forward. I have been trying to get into an fnp post msn cert program even though I am 58 I really feel this is a move I need to make. The first program I applied to said I was not qualified. This had nothing to do with my ability but all to do with partying my way through my first degree in the the 70″s. So I have moved on to another. My theory, the right program will make itself know. 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed your blog. Can you share what company you are with or the top 3 you have worked with. I have worked with BartonAssociates and Locum Tenens mainly. I work as a psych NP so there are lots of positions but I’m always looking for a good company. I have never received the things you have in regards to flights home while on assignment or any bonuses.
    Thanks for your information. I too love traveling.

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