An Offer I Can or Cannot Refuse?

As a quick summary, I spent the past year working in Virginia for a geriatric clinic that follows a preventative care model. I am currently working in Florida for the same clinic, as they have clinics in multiple states and continue to expand.

My previous post animated part of a discussion I had with the Chief Medical Officer of the company, in regards to nurse practitioners. The main purpose of the conversation though, was for the CMO to see what my goals were and if the company could hire me as their internal locums/traveler.

I alluded to having a similar conversation previously with their Chief Financial Officer. And how I told him that I wanted to continue with my current agency for now, until I had a better grasp of the various markets.

The CMO told me that he definitely sees the value in having an internal locums, especially as they continue to grow. He said he would love to invest in me to develop into a leadership role eventually. Meaning I would either oversee a larger traveling team in the future, or even manage all other nurse practitioners in the market. He said as a contractor it wouldn’t make sense for him to invest in me, so that is one of the main reasons he wants me to become directly employed with the company.

He asked me what I was currently being paid and told me he could increase that. (Side note, I already get paid significantly more than the permanent nurse practitioners, even those with 20 years of experience, since I am a traveler). He said he could also offer me a sign on bonus and yearly bonuses as well. The company would of course cover all of my travel, lodging and licensing fees. He said they would also provide me with a weekly dining stipend, and cover flights whenever I wanted to go home in the middle of an assignment.

In addition, I would have the same benefits as the other employees such as 401K, health insurance, CME allowance, and PTO. The company would also guarantee me with a yearly schedule where I am in a different location every 3 months or less.

After the CMO made all of these offers, I think he was surprised to hear me say “we’ll see”. Financially he was offering me a whole lot, but my priority has always been freedom and flexibility. Although I would continue being a traveler, I would be restricted to practicing in locations the company has clinics in. On the bright side, they are continuing to expand and are opening up new centers in several different states by mid next year.

At the end of our meeting, we agreed to allow me some time to feel out the new center I was in and to think things through. We set up an appointment to meet again next month.

I am extremely grateful for the offers he made me, and especially for the fact that he sees something in me that would make him want to invest in me as a leader. I would be honored to manage and help other travelers and nurse practitioners.

It honestly seems like an unbelievable opportunity for me to grow in an incredible company. My main hesitation is how much flexibility will I have? Will I still be able to take time off in between or during assignments to travel abroad? Perhaps I could negotiate this in my contract. The average PCP has about 4 weeks of PTO but I will definitely need more than that even if it’s unpaid. Will I still be able to leave an assignment early if I absolutely hate the place (whether it’s the people or location)? Maybe I can have them agree that if I don’t like a center I can give a 30-day notice the same way I do with my agency.

On the plus side, they will give me a schedule so I can actually plan where I will be in advance for once. Am I ready for a commitment? I guess worse comes to worse I can always quit and become a regular locum tenens nurse practitioner again J

I would love to know your thoughts! Should I go for it???

7 thoughts on “An Offer I Can or Cannot Refuse?

  1. Whether you decide to go or not will ultimately sit with your gut. Kudos for taking the time to really feel whether this will work for you and your life vision! Regardless of your decision, take pride in the fact that you are breaking ground and representing nurse practitioners everywhere! Thank you for being an advocate for us and someone who actually walks the walk by proving your worth through your knowledge and hard work, but not settling for less than you deserve! Keep us posted!

  2. That sounds like an amazing offer. Financially if he is offering that much, you can definitely negotiate your freedom as well. Tell him the reason you are a locums and I’m sure he’ll accommodate. Congratulations in advance. I hope when I start traveling, I enjoy it and get over my nerves.

  3. I agree with Caroline and admire your ability to contract for what you want. It seems you like the company as you have stayed with them for awhile, so there is something that keeps you there. I think having someone to guide travelers who has been a traveler themselves would be awesome. I have been “the first one” in many places I have been and have felt responsible for showing agencies what an asset we are. I have been offered positions everywhere I have gone but for me the flexibility and time off is why I travel. I definitely would get everything in writing and whatever your choice it will be the right one for you.

  4. I would definitely give it a try! Like you said you can always go back to be a travel nurse practitioner if you don’t like .

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