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I just added a new page to my blog entitled “Travel Credit Cards“. You can find it on the home page next to scope of practice. The more I started traveling for a living, the more I realized having travel reward credit cards were worth it. Of course I make sure to pay off my balances at the end of each month to ensure I am not paying any interest or fees. Having these travel credit cards makes it easy to accumulate miles and points, and comes with plenty of benefits.

For example, one of my favorite cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card allows me to earn 2x points on dining and travel, provides primary car rental insurance, and baggage or trip delay reimbursement/protection. If your checked baggage is delayed more than 6 hours, the card will reimburse you  $100/day for purchases made of any essentials while waiting for your bag to arrive. I used this benefit before while going to one of my assignments. Although I made sure to pack essentials in my carry-on, once my luggage was delayed for more than 6 hours, I went on a mini shopping spree and purchased clothes and toiletries up to $100/day.

Currently this card is offering a 50,000 points bonus for signing up. It comes with an annual fee of $95 which is more than worth all of the perks. The sign up bonus alone can get you up over $1000+ worth of free travel. I personally used my bonus before to fly my brother and I to Hawaii, which saved us $1400 in flights. If you do not see a point in paying the annual fee after one year, you can always downgrade to a no-annual fee card afterwards.

My “Travel Credit Cards” page will list a few of my favorite credit cards and why. If interested, please use my referral link to ensure that we both get bonus points for you signing up! I also wouldn’t mind helping you figure out how to use your bonus points for travel, when the time comes. If there becomes enough of an interest, I will start regularly posting best ways to earn and redeem points.

Check out the new page:

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