Nurse Practitioner Week

This year Nurse Practitioner Week fell on November 12-18th 2017. I hope your organizations made you feel appreciated during your special week. I have partnered up with Barton Associates to share some great articles and interviews from some of our fellow nurse practitioners. Enjoy!

Happy NP Week! NPs of the Past, Present, and Future Speak Out [VIDEO]

In the featured NP Week video, these professionals let us know what they’re most proud of and what they’re most looking forward to. Check it out!

My Locum Tenens Story: Meet John A., NP

John A. is a locum tenens nurse practitioner (NP) from Ohio. After working several permanent roles that weren’t a good fit for him, John says his locum tenens experience simply “fell into place.” Here’s what he had to say about how going locum has affected his passion for healthcare.

A Guide to the NP Wheel: Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws

To celebrate National NP Week, Barton Associates fully updated their Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws Wheel with the latest state laws so you can quickly navigate NP scope of practice in your state with a fun, interactive guide!

How NPs and PAs Can Avoid Stagnant Salaries: 6 Strategies

Sometimes hard work doesn’t equate to a big reward. You will likely reach a point in your career wherein you have to maneuver a little bit in order to shake out of a stagnant salary, especially as an NP or PA. This article discusses a few things you can do to avoid merely an inflation-adjusted wage.

“I Want to See a Real Doctor”: How to Talk to Patients Who Question Your Abilities As an NP or PA

Patient management can be difficult, especially when one questions your medical expertise and advice. Here are some tips for NPs and PAs for how to respond, from a PA who has been there.

7 Tips to Help NPs Prepare for Telehealth Roles

As a nurse practitioner, chances are good you provide care in rural and other underserved communities — a population with a lot to gain from the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of telemedicine. How can you best prepare for a telehealth role? Here are some tips.

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