Trip to Virginia

One reason why I am considering going perm with this company is because they have always treated me well as a whole. In fact, I was invited to the annual holiday party in Virginia where I was working previously. They offered to fly me up for the week of the party and have me help train a nurse practitioner that just started there.

Of course I agreed to go and had an absolutely wonderful time! It was actually a surprise, so the other PCPs I had become close to were shocked to see me. The other clinical staff were really happy and said “it’s like having my friend back.” I was also fortunate to see some of my old patients that were ecstatic to see me.

When I walked in the room they shouted for joy and said they thought they saw a ghost. A few of them also said “this is the best Christmas gift ever.” One of my favorite patients (are we not supposed to have favorites?) with pancreatic cancer had undergone the whipple procedure right before I left Virginia. When I saw him this week he told me he was cancer free!

The holiday party was on an enclosed yacht in the harbor. It was fun catching up with everyone, taking pictures at the photo booth, and watching the “Doctor’s Dance Off” performance. I had so much fun but it was hard saying bye a second time. I thought to myself, how lucky am I to have a job that will fly me up here to reminisce!

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