Locum Tenens Blogs – December 2017

Happy Holidays everyone! Here are some interesting articles and finds from around the web this month about working in locum tenens.


LocumTenens.com has a non-profit website MedicalMissions.org which connects providers with medical missions abroad. You just select which dates you are available and which country you want to go to and it will list various global volunteer opportunities. This year MedicalMissions.org honored a nurse practitioner for her time volunteering in Guatemala over the past 18 years. Read her story here.


Certifications for Nurse Practitioners: How to Increase Your Job Opportunities

Certifications for Nurse Practitioners can make your resume stand out, increase your job opportunities, and even boost your salary.


4 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Locum Tenens Work

A locum who works in ambulatory primary care settings shares four basic tips to help you get started with locum tenens jobs.


Is Telehealth Personal? Exploring Telemedicine Efficiency and Patient Care 

Because the technology is fairly new, patients unfamiliar with telemedicine may not fully trust it. This article illustrates two providers perspectives about telemedicine efficiency and patient care.


ZDoggMD and Barton Talk Burnout:

Check out this video with Dr. Zubin Damania, also known as ZDoggMD, for a recent episode of “Incident Report.” Let’s beat professional burnout in healthcare together!



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