My Apartment on Assignment in Florida

Upon starting my assignment in Florida, I opted to stay in a hotel for the first 1-2 weeks and an apartment for the remainder of the assignment. The first couple of weeks at the hotel gave me the opportunity to check out a few apartment options in person before having to settle on one. A bonus was that these extra stays at the hotel enabled me to renew my platinum status with Marriott for the upcoming year!

I had two main options to choose from, one apartment was close to work but small and outdated. The other apartment was about 15 minutes from work but modern and expansive. I was spoiled living 5 minutes away from my job while staying at the hotel. In the end, I decided to go with the newer apartment that was 15 minutes from work.

I was baffled by the price because the apartment was double the size of my apartment in Virginia, more modern, but 25% less pricey. It was booked through traveler’s haven. They furnished the apartment and provided all necessary items, such at kitchenware, towels, bed linen – even a vacuum! They also set up the cable and Internet prior to me moving in.

Here are some pictures below. I am enjoying living in Florida again as it is much more “new” and “brighter” looking than other states.

The Kitchen was pretty spacious!

This pantry is even bigger than the one in my house!

The dining set was nicely placed and even place settings were put on the table.

The family/living room had more space than I even knew what to do with!

Above is my a partial view of my bedroom. Below is a partial view of my huge bathroom.

I wanted to share my living arrangements again because I still get questions about what to expect when traveling as a locum tenens nurse practitioner.

2 thoughts on “My Apartment on Assignment in Florida

  1. Hello, so a separate agency booked this for you? (traveler’s haven)
    Who pays for the apartment? you or your job?

    1. My agency used traveler’s haven to book this apartment (it’s quite common). So I didn’t have to do anything, nor pay anything.

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