Locum Tenens Myth

One of the most common questions I receive is regarding the stability of being a locum tenens nurse practitioner. Is there consistent work? Are there periods or gaps with no jobs available? Looking back at the past year, 2017, one thing is clear. I worked way too much! More so, I worked more than I originally planned. I meant to spend most of 2017 traveling abroad but accidentally got caught up in work.

As soon as I finished my assignment in Virginia and needed to be home in Miami after Hurricane Irma, I was able to start working on another assignment. The only ‘gap’ was the 1 week road trip I purposely took on my way down to Florida. Once I completed my assignment in Miami, I had another assignment waiting for me, in which I started the following Monday.

To further illustrate the consistency and abundance of locum tenens job, is how quickly I was able to obtain an assignment after leaving the site in Tampa, Florida. I decided to leave that assignment early (I made this decision on a Wednesday). The following day, Thursday, I notified my recruiters that I would be available for another assignment. Friday was my last day in Tampa, FL, and during my lunch break I was already being interviewed for another job. By Friday afternoon, I had already been offered and accepted my next assignment. This new job started the following week. Luckily, it was right after new years so I had Monday off to recuperate.

My family and friends were impressed about how quickly I was able to get a new assignment. Personally, I wasn’t surprised because that’s just part of being a traveling nurse practitioner. I work with about a dozen recruiters at any given time to provide me with as many job prospects as possible. That’s why I always encourage my readers to credential with various agencies, and not limit yourselves to just one or two. There is a primary care provider shortage in America – someone is bound to have a job opening for us! J

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  1. I am so inspired by this post. I am in school to get my NP in Primary Care Adult/Gerontology. I have a long way to go, but when I see this, it gives me hope to keep going as the light at the end of the tunnel shines bright. The one question I have is, do you think any specific job choices as a staff nurse can better qualify you for certain jobs as an np?

    1. Not really but take advantage of your clinical hours during NP school and try to start seeing patients alone early on so you can be confident when you graduate.

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