Am I a Diva?

I am wondering if my “I don’t take bs” attitude translates into me being a diva. As demonstrated in my prior experiences, I often stand up for others and myself. I think since I have worked in so many different settings, I know what a GOOD work environment is. I know that it is absolutely possible to work somewhere that is pleasant and not overwhelming. I also know what a GOOD recruiter is and what a GOOD deal looks like, so I do not want to settle.

There are 2 main aspects of working locum tenens that sometimes irritates me and causes my “inner diva” to come out.

  1. Being overwhelmed at work. Whether it is due to being scheduled with too many patients, lack of leadership in the office, no admin time, or lack of assistive staff.
  2. When recruiters speak to me as a car salesman, acting like taking this job is equivalent to buying a car. They say things like: even though this job doesn’t pay well nor is it in an ideal location, at least you will have work.

My responses to these problems:

  1. When asked to see certain patients (last minute) I will say NO just to make a point. I will request a change from either management or from my agency. If they are reluctant to change anything I will use the “it’s my license on the line” talk. In the back of my mind, I always consider just leaving if things do not improve.
  2. “At least you will have work”. Hi, I am not desperate. I’ll just say NO if I don’t like something. For instance, sometimes a recruiter will try to get away with giving you poor housing options, such as staying at a motel 8 (ew). When you demand better options they will say “can you at least stay there for this week until we find something else?” The answer is NO. No, I will not travel all the way there for a “possibility”.

Do I overreact sometimes? Yes, I am human. But who else will speak up for myself if not me?

So am I a Diva? Perhaps at times 😛


4 thoughts on “Am I a Diva?

  1. I am so glad you posted. I was thinking about your blog today and how I have a question that I would love to ask you, but it doesn’t pertain to this topic right now. Anyway, I think you are advocating for yourself and if at times it can be prescribed as diva-ish, then that’s OK too. I have been looking into traveling as an RN to make a bit more and pay off debt, but some personal/family issues put it to a sudden halt. I had this one recruiter who just about harassed me for an assignment that I thought was somewhat beneath my skill set, and not quite the right pay. Her whole tune changed from “this will be good for you” and “I won’t pressure you” to “well are you going to take this or not?!” With you having the established skill set and experience of working as a traveling NP, no one recruiter can convince that a pigeon is a dove. So, don’t feel bad or question if you did the right thing. You have to maintain a standard. People don’t like to be challenged, especially if they fear others may catch on to the fact that the way things are isn’t how they have to be… You might start a whole riot of other employees demanding better treatment, better pay (and for some recruiters or management in various places you travel to, “change for the better” is not an option if it effects their own pockets).

  2. All so true! We are our only advocates so I don’t think we are being divas, we are asking for what is right. Things we shouldn’t have to ask for I don’t think. A clinic expecting you to be okay with multiple double books in your schedule, not getting a lunch, seeing late patients, zero admin time, managing something out of your scope? No. Staying at an inadequate hotel? No. Accepting less pay than you deserve? Not a diva at all.
    Good post!

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