I am a Traveling Nurse Practitioner!

I have wanted to go to Seattle since I was in high school. Maybe the fact that it was on the opposite side of the continental U.S. from Miami, is what appealed to me. I never had the chance to go, probably because the flights from Miami were just as long as going to Europe (non-direct flights).

I finally made my dream come true when I accepted my first traveling Nurse Practitioner job in Washington State. I had been looking forward to getting out of Miami, that I didn’t realize what I would be leaving behind until the day of my departure.


As I was packing up my last items, it dawned upon me that I wouldn’t be seeing my family practically every day as I had grown accustomed to. I was leaving behind close friends, patients and staff I had known well, and my favorite spots around town. I couldn’t help myself from crying almost that entire day. I thought to myself that you do not know what you have until it’s gone. However, I knew this was my chance to pursue a career in traveling and I couldn’t give it up.

Luckily, upon arriving in Seattle I was instantly impressed by its scenery and diverse population. It was different from anywhere else I had been before. The tall “Christmas trees” were amazing and of course they reminded me of the movie Twilight. There were multiple waterfront sites, such as the ocean and various lakes. Coming from Florida, I love being close to the water.

Everyone was extremely friendly! Wherever I went people were talking to me and asking me questions. At first I was confused to why they were talking to me. I was in culture shock! I travel frequently and I was perfectly aware of how unfriendly people in Miami could be, but I had no idea to what capacity.


My first stop was to the space needle. It was spectacular seeing it for the first time – something I used to see on a poster in my room during college. It didn’t appear to be as tall as I thought. The previous year my sister and I had visited the CNN tower in Toronto and that seemed to be much taller. I decided to wait to go up to the observatory until my family visited.

I then strolled around town and ended up at Pike’s Place Market. It was an incredible fresh market with the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, for such a cheap price. They also had all kinds of meat, fish, grains, and fruits at your disposal.



A short walk from there was the original Starbucks. There was a long line to get inside, so I settled for the café down the road. I love how Seattle has an abundance of cafe’s and bookstores!



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