Visiting a Bulgarian Town


Shortly after starting to work in Washington, my co-workers recommended places for me to visit. One of the places they recommended was Leavenworth. This is a Bulgarian town in the middle of Washington. Everything there has a Bulgarian theme. Even the McDonalds and Starbucks are constructed in Bulgarian like architecture.

When I visited Leavenworth I was pretty impressed. I did not expect it to be so large and popular. There were tons of tourists walking around. There were various types of shops ranging from the nutcracker store to the wine loft. I found myself buying gingerbread cookies in the gingerbread shaped house that was a bakery.

It was a cute town with many different options. You could walk through the open market; enjoy a wine tasting; browse through a book store; watch performers; enjoy ice cream on a fresh cone etc.

It was a nice little surprise. Who would have thought I could experience Germany in the middle of Washington?


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