Mediterranean Vacation

I just spent the past 2 weeks in Europe on a family vacation. We went to Greece, Turkey, and Spain. One of the top reasons I decided to become a traveling or locum tenens Nurse Practitioner is because it allows for unlimited vacation time. I love traveling abroad and usually permanent positions only allow a couple of weeks off per year.


It was my first time in Greece and I truly enjoyed the hospitality by the amiable Greeks. The highlights of the trip were visiting the acropolis/parthenon in Athens; experiencing stunning views in Mykonos and Santorini; bargaining at bazaars in Turkey; and visiting the Real Madrid soccer stadium in Spain.


Above is my sister and I visiting the Parthenon. It reminds me of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, where you can see it from afar in various locations of the city. I loved reviewing Greek mythology and even purchased a book about it for me to read back home.


Above is my sister and I in Mykonos. That specific water view was a photo I had seen on pinterest previously. It was breathtaking in person and we got to enjoy it more by sitting at one of the sea-side bars. Below is a sunset view in Santorini that was simply incredible! This was my favorite island that I would certainly return to.


My favorite soccer teams are Real Madrid and Barcelona – I know they are rivals…. I had seen the Camp Nou Barcelona stadium earlier this year, so I was looking forward to doing a tour in the Real Madrid stadium as well.


Working in the medical field can often be stressful, so I believe it is really important to have a good work-life balance. For me, this balance is about learning new things while working and traveling. Through locum tenens work I have the flexibility I need to continue my journey of understanding both our national and international community.

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