With telemedicine increasingly becoming popular, locum tenen providers are also being asked to fill these positions. In many states, telemedicine has skyrocketed as a form of providing psych care. We are now seeing it become more common in the primary care field.

Simple illnesses, such as rashes, can be diagnosed via telemedicine. Telemedicine is when the provider and the patient communicate online through a webcam. The provider will gather a health history and the physical exam will be more of an “inspection”. Upon discussing the findings with the patient, the provider will then send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy of the patients choosing. Other common uses of telemedicine include: acute pain management, mental health treatment, diabetes education, and following up on lab results.

Telemedicine opportunities are quickly filled because it allows providers to work from home, which may be ideal for working parents. These jobs usually require several years of experience and a state license specific to the site location. For instance, if the site is located in Oregon, you will need a Oregon license. Luckily, a lot of agencies offer to help you get quickly licensed after committing to the assignment.

They also typically are long–term assignments, 6 months to 1 year. The pay isn’t the highest, at $50/h more or less, but it’s competitive for someone working from home and not having to do much physical labor. Since these positions are quickly filled, salary is usually non-negotiable.

The agency/site will fly you to their headquarters for training and then no further travel is needed. So if you are looking for free lodging, then this isn’t a good option for you. Some providers are working telemedicine on weekdays and may pick up per diem outpatient shifts on weekends. This is just one of the many opportunities available for locum tenen providers.

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