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When I first started working as a nurse practitioner, everyone would ask me if I had a linked in account. At that time I did not because I thought linked in was for people who needed to network for job opportunities. I did not think that networking was important in the medical field, because usually you just apply for open positions via the medical center’s website.

When I started to do locum tenens work, I quickly realized the benefit of having a linked in account. Linked in is pretty much an online resume allowing you to network. By listing my work experiences and befriending recruiters, I was able to facilitate my assignment search process. On my biography on linked in, I list which states I am interested in traveling to and the time frame. This allows recruiters who view my profile to reach out to me if they have job opportunities that meet my needs.

It also allows agencies and recruiters to contact me if I do not already have a relationship with them. There are several smaller or newer agencies that I would have not known about, had I not created a linked in account. In addition, recruiters often post and share available job opportunities on linked in, which keeps me updated on the latest assignments.

I sometimes use linked in to talk to other locum tenens providers. For instance, if I noticed they have previously worked with an agency I am considering accepting an assignment with, I ask them about their experience with that agency. I have noticed that other locum tenens nurse practitioners are always happy to answer questions or share their experiences.

I definitely recommend any nurse practitioner interested in locum tenens or traveling to create a linked in account. It is a great way to network with agency recruiters and other traveling nurse practitioners.

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