Leaving Washington


My last day at the community health center in Washington was bittersweet. Part of me was looking forward to going back home to the sunshine state from freezing temperatures (28-32 degrees). The other part of me was a little sad to leave because of all of the connections I had made with my co-workers and patients. The adventurous side of me see’s locum tenens opportunities as an exciting escapade. The sensitive side of me sees my sites as the people and relations I form, and reluctance to leave them behind.

The community health center asked me if there was anyway I would go permanent. I think most locum tenens sites that are looking for an ongoing commitment are hoping for a locums to permanent provider. My last day was a light load of seeing patients, with the later half of the day completing documentation. During lunchtime, most of the staff and I went to eat at a local pizza joint. Apparently I had the largest turn out of co-worker attendance :).

My supervisor at the clinic told me that all of the executives are sad to see me go. That they were impressed by my documentation and coding, and that I could teach the billing department a thing or two. They said they received an abundance of patient feedback that was positive about their experience with me, and requests for me to become their primary care provider. They also said that I transitioned really well into the clinic and they were happy to never have had an issue with me or my patient care. The medical director told me that he would be more than happy to be used as a reference or can provide a recommendation letter for future locum tenens positions.

I am truly grateful for my experience at the community health center. Not only did I learn a lot and fine-tune my skills and knowledge, but I also made some life long friends. I would not hesitate to return in the future (of course summer only) to help out with vacation shortages and other needed coverage. Saying good-bye was tough, but I know change is inevitable and can only strengthen a person. It will be difficult finding an upcoming locums opportunity that will match my experience in Washington.

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