Monterey, CA

On the bright side of my experience in Monterey, CA, I was very appreciative for my recruiter and other agency team members. When I told them about my experience at the clinic, they quickly apologized and admitted that it was their first time working with the site so they had no idea. They told me they would speak to their contact at the site about my complaints so that other providers they send in the future can have a better experience. They worked to get me the overtime that I deserved, and my recruiter checked in with me almost every day.

Although my experience with the site was grotesque, I had a great experience with the agency. They truly spoiled me by putting me in a Marriott on the weekends where I could be in more of an urban setting, and even enabled me to be reimbursed for the gas used with my rental car.

They were helpful and patient with my complaints between my travel nightmare and clinic disaster.

I am fortunate we discussed the “30 days notice” clause in the contract, because I was supposed to return to that facility the following month. Yet, as I am sure you can infer from this post, there is NO WAY I am ever going back there!

My only issue with the agency is that I was told I would be compensated for working on New Year’s Eve with holiday pay. Unfortunately, with everything going on, I did not get that in writing. So of course when I received my paycheck, there was no sign of holiday pay, and the agency acted like they never told me that. I partially blame myself for not sticking to my # 1 rule which is “get everything in writing”! I secondly blame the agency, and I do not plan on working with them in the future. At the end of the day, it always comes down to the pay and what you were initially promised.

In addition, I had awesome friends that came down to visit me during the weekend of New Year’s. We had a good time exploring the area, going to the Monterey aquarium, and eating some fresh seafood.


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