San Diego Here I Come!

After my horrible experience in Monterey, CA I was nervous about my next assignment in San Diego, CA. I wondered to myself if California was just another Florida. I wondered if there was any other facility out there as good as the one in Washington.

When I arrived in San Diego and moved into my new studio apartment, most of my fears vanished. I was in disbelief that I was going to be living on the beach for the next 3 months! Since San Diego is a large metropolitan area, there were many housing options available to me.

The housing coordinator for my agency was initially going to find me an apartment to do a short-term lease, and furnish the apartment. A friend of mine suggested living in a home hosted by airbnb. I found some great options but a lot of them were already booked out for the next several months.

I found a beach studio that was listed at $100/night. This would be $3000/month aka over budget. My agency did not specify my housing budget, but based off of my housing in Washington, I figured they were looking to spend around $2000/month. My friend suggested I contact the owner because a lot of times the owners are willing to give you a discount since I would be staying there for a long period of time (they wouldn’t have to worry about finding someone in between short stays).

Luckily, the owner told me he was willing to give it to me for $1800/month! This was mainly because winter in San Diego is low season, so he wouldn’t really be making a high profit until the summer anyway. I notified my housing coordinator and they worked with the airbnb owner to set up my stay.

I was thrilled to live steps from the beach! I am living on Mission Beach near the boardwalk and shops. It’s nice being walking distance to activities and restaurants. Plus having a beach parallel to the boardwalk with 60 degree weather is great motivation for getting some exercise in!

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3 thoughts on “San Diego Here I Come!

  1. Holy WOW!! It looks amazing!
    I’m enjoying reading your posts! Hopefully just a few more months and I’ll be ready to make the leap as well!!

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