I <3 San Diego!!

As usual, time has flown by and I only have a few more weeks left in San Diego. It is bittersweet because I sincerely LOVE San Diego – but I am ready to work in a different facility.

I was asked to extend my current assignment by another 3-6 months. Unfortunately, the amazing weekends do not make up for the weekdays full of stress and anxiety. So I decided that I would just move on like usual.

I love that San Diego is so diverse. I love that it is a big city that is not overcrowded and there is not a crazy amount of traffic. I love the different coast lines; from the beaches to the cliffs to the bays. I love the food – my favorite restaurant is Chocolat! I enjoy the night time life at Gaslamp district. I absolutely love bike riding on the boardwalk where I live, with a nice cool breeze hitting me. I have also gotten used to seeing seals everywhere I go.

In a perfect world, I would take the community health center from Washington State and put it in San Diego, where I would be the happiest employee ever!

Below is a picture of the sunset cliffs in Ocean Beach, SD (looks like Cabo, Mexico).

FullSizeRender 15

My sister came to visit and we had a blast bike riding:

FullSizeRender 67
Skyline view of San Diego at night time:


La Jolla Cove with tons of seals sunbathing:


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