Which Nurse Practitioners Travel?


There are many different types of Nurse Practitioners that travel. In my case, I am a single young woman without any responsibilities, so I figured this would be the ideal time. Although I can be somewhat shy to new environments, I still enjoy traveling.

Other locums providers include new graduates, retirees, people who have lost their jobs, or those that just need an adventure.

Unlike RN travel nursing, new graduate Nurse Practitioners can do locum tenens work without any experience. Many healthcare sites are willing to train new graduates as long as they agree to a longer commitment. The commitment is typically 6 months or longer. Many new graduates do their first locum tenens assignment in Indian Health Services (IHS). IHS facilities always need providers since they are often in rural locations. As a federal health center, you can use any state license to work there.

Some travel Nurse Practitioners have recently retired and found themselves still wanting to work, but travel too! The good thing is with locum tenens work, your schedule can be flexible. So if you want to work part-time and explore the city on your days off, this is certainly a possibility. Imagine you are provided with a flight to San Francisco, free housing, and a rental car. All you need to do is work a few days and you can enjoy your paid vacation!

One of the first traveling Nurse Practitioners I know, actually started doing locums work when he was laid off from his full-time job due to budget cuts. With 3 children to support, the quickest way for him to start working was through locums work. He searched for positions at home but could not find any. Luckily, the licensing process took less than 1 month to complete, and he was able to work full-time hours in another state. This lasted for 6 months until he was able to get a job back home.

Lastly, some people just need an adventure! I know some traveling providers that bring their family with them if it’s the summer or spring break. Especially if they are working in sunny Florida or Hawaii. I know a woman who got fed up with being micro managed at her current job that she left and traveled on her first assignment to NYC.

The obvious fact is that being a travel Nurse Practitioner provides you with many options!

Whether you recently graduated or are embarking on a new stage of life, such as retirement, locum tenens is a great experience to add to any stage of your career.

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