Hola Guatemala

I was able to take 1 week off for a mini vacation with friends. We decided to go to Guatemala since it could be a quick fun trip. I had a good time, minus the fact that once again by baggage was delayed.

My friends and I joked that I should purchase some traditional Guatemalan clothing in the mean time. I didn’t get my luggage until the day before the trip ended. Funny thing is that my gut kept telling me to bring a carry-on, since I had a feeling my luggage would be delayed. However, since I already had my baggage delayed twice within the past 4 months, I thought I couldn’t possibly have such bad luck in which I would lose my baggage again. I guess since I travel more than the average person, my probability of having baggage delayed is higher than others.

I definitely learned my lesson and will bring a carryon to every trip in the future. I couldn’t even be upset about not having my things, as uncomfortable as it was, because the Guatemalan people barely have anything at all so I was fortunate I had “things” I could miss.

Guatemala was a mixture of Costa Rica and Peru. Although Costa Rica is more beautiful – landscape wise, Guatemala also had an abundance of volcanoes. It reminded me of Peru because the locals wore traditional clothing that was similar to the indigenous people. Guatemala is different because their ruins are from mayan influence.

Surprisingly the food in Guatemala was good too! I like that they pretty much use avocado/guacamole in plenty of their dishes. A strange thing is that they had a lot of café’s that served French crepes. It was a delightful surprise because crepes are my favorite!

Once again, thanks to being a traveling Nurse Practitioner, my schedule is flexible and I can easily make it on trips abroad.



Lake Atitlan with 4 out of 30+ volcanoes in Guatemala!


Antigua, Guatemala – small historic spanish town.

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