California Excursions

The main reason I wanted to work in Northern California was to experience some fun weekend excursions in the area.

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I was able to visit the Muir and Redwood forest, which is such a treasure. There are multiple trails you can choose to hike up. I also went to Napa and Sonoma valley to experience several wineries. My favorite one was Castello di Amorosa. It is a huge castle modeled after Tuscany in Italy. I only like sweet wine, thus I was happy to see they had plenty of sweet wine selections as part of their wine tasting. The wine was so good that I even bought some bottles to take home.

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The last site I was excited to visit was Lake Tahoe. I was waiting for it to get as warm as possible before spending the weekend there. The Lake was absolutely beautiful! We hiked through several trails, went to the beach, and I kayaked for the first time! Kayaking was such a blast. The water was freezing cold but that didn’t stop a lot of OTHER people from swimming in.




These fun excursions were certainly worth working in Northern California to experience!

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