Bienvenidos a Miami


As my assignment in California draws to a close, I am looking forward to going back home to Miami for a few weeks! I have spent the past 6+ months in California and I am ready to head back to the East coast!

I cannot wait for:

  • The beach – and actually being able to swim in the ocean because the water temperature allows it (although it will likely rain every day).
  • Pastelitos – Cuban pastries for breakfast or as a random snack.
  • Dominican hair salons – if you have curly hair you get the drift.
  • Humidity – yes I said it! Humidity actually cools you off and doesn’t include hot air blowing in your face.
  • Florida roads – pothole free where you aren’t constantly worried about getting a flat tire any day now.
  • Good food– can’t wait to hit up all of my favorite restaurants!
  • Publix Supermarket – where shopping really is a pleasure. It should be illegal to not have a Publix in each state.
  • Family & friends – Duh!
  • Inside jokes – Being able to use words from “sh*t Miami people say”
  • The driving – people actually drive like they have somewhere to go…
  • Shopping!! – Having a dozen malls in one place certainly is convenient.

It’s those little things that you appreciate about home the longer you are away 🙂

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