Is California a Curse? – Part 2


A few months ago, I discussed some challenges I was facing applying for licenses in other states after already having a California license.

It turned out that one of the licenses I applied for (Virginia) – only required verification of my Nurse Practitioner license from the original state I was licensed in. This state happened to be Florida, which offered a quick turn-around.

On the other hand, one of the other licenses I applied for (North Carolina) – required I submit verification of my Nurse Practitioner license from ALL states I have ever been licensed in (both active and inactive).

After 3 months of my initial application with North Carolina, I have received my RN license, but the Nurse Practitioner license is still pending. Do you want to guess what is holding up my NP license? They still have not received verification of my California license. After paying $100 for the California verification, you have to wait another 2-3 months. At this rate, I doubt I will have the North Carolina license before winter hits

Some states, such as Washington, allow you to apply for your Nurse Practitioner license once you have a temporary RN license. However, North Carolina only allows you to apply for an NP license once you have a permanent RN license. So unfortunately, this causes a delay in the application process.

As a lesson learned, my recommendation to you other traveling Nurse Practitioners with a California license, is to give yourselves about 3 months to obtain new licensure. It always helps to do some research before applying for a new license to find out if they require verification of ALL of your licenses or just your first and/or most recent one.

2 thoughts on “Is California a Curse? – Part 2

  1. Agreed. I am licensed in Ohio. Just got my APRN license in Maine this week with biggest hold up being my original RN license from Cali (5 weeks to verify). The only reason I got it so fast (usual is 6-8 weeks from date they cash your check) is because not only Barton’s credentialing staff work but also the Maine client paid expedite fees and personally contacted their board.
    Previously, it took Cali 5 months to verify my RN license for NP license for Massachusetts from April to August 2016.

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