Questions from Readers

Each month I will include a blog entry answering some of the most common questions I get from readers about locum tenens as a nurse practitioner. Feel free to comment any questions you have or email me at


What is one thing you would recommend for new traveling Nurse Practitioners?

I would recommend for them to be open-minded. As an outsider, you think any job in any location is at your disposal. In reality, given the time frame of your search you may be limited to rural opportunities or more urgent care clinics vs family practice sites.

If you are open-minded to the location, you will have many options to choose from. If you are open-minded to the type of setting, you will have many options to choose from.

I know a lot of new traveling nurse practitioners that tell their recruiters they are only interested in going to one city in a specific state. They are often kept waiting for several months until something becomes available. If you were to tell your recruiter that you are open to the entire state, then you are more likely to find something quickly.

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