CAQH Profile


Every provider should have a “CAQH profile” that allows insurance companies to enroll you as a provider with their plans.

As a locum tenens nurse practitioner, I am frequently asked for my CAQH number and login information during the credentialing process. In order to enroll you as a participating provider with the insurance plans the sites accept, they need supporting information that the CAQH profile provides.

I recommend that you keep your profile up to date to help facilitate the credentialing process. Each time I obtain a new license or liability insurance, I make sure to update my CAQH profile. This way, when I accept a new assignment, my CAQH profile is already ready for review.

In your CAQH profile you will need to keep updated records of your:

-RN and ARNP licenses (numbers and expiration dates)

-Malpractice insurance names and dates (with each assignment)

-Education and certifications

-All work history (including contacts and addresses)

-State Medicare and Medicaid numbers

-Professional references


If you do not already have a profile, I recommend you create one by clicking the link below:

CAQH Profile

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