5 Fascinating Truths About Traveling Nurse Practitioners

I was recently interviewed along with fellow locum tenens nurse practitioner, Katherine Padilla, about my experiences working in locum tenens by Clinician Today.

“When most people graduate from a nurse practitioner program, they look for a permanent position in their area. However, there’s another option that offers its own benefits, especially for NPs who crave freedom and flexibility. Locum tenens, or becoming a traveling NP, is an attractive option for many.

But what’s it really like to be a traveling NP, and why do some make the choice to forgo a traditional position for a traveling one? To answer this question, we talked to Sophia Khawly and Katherine Padilla, two NPs who are currently working in locum tenens positions.

Today, we’re sharing five fascinating truths about traveling nurse practitioners, straight from the source.”

Click below to read the remainder of the article:


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