For my birthday, my sister and I decided to take a trip to Iceland. In order to see the northern lights, we had to go during the winter. Although it did not snow, it was the coldest I have ever been. My face was constantly numb after being outside for 1 minute. Plus, the sun is only out for 5 hours each day during the winter.

Iceland was definitely worth visiting minus the freezing temperature and cold wind. We felt like we were on a different planet. We were often surrounded by both volcanoes and glaciers at the same time. There were visible fissures due to shifting of tectonic plates.

We really enjoyed the blue lagoon, which is a geothermal spa naturally heated by the magma underneath. It was so warm in the water that you forget how cold it is outside. There is also a bar in the lagoon so you can enjoy some drinks during your stay.

Waiting 2 hours in the middle of the night in the freezing cold was worth seeing the aurora borealis. Side note: if you ever go, make sure to bring a camera to capture the lights (iphone doesn’t work as well).

After my trip, tons of my friends have since visited Iceland or planned an upcoming trip after seeing my pictures. They have all enjoyed it too, and I highly recommended spending at least a few days there sometime in your life. It is a very unique place!


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