Extending My Assignment Part 2

In continuation of my last post, I wanted to animate more details about extending my current assignment – logistically speaking.

A lot of times, when a site wants you to extend your contract, they are willing to increase your hourly rate. Unfortunately, the site could not afford to increase my hourly rate. It didn’t matter to me because I am already paid at a high rate, and an extra $5/h is insignificant over the course of 3 months.

Instead, they offered an extra round-trip flight home of up to $450. I had received mileage reimbursement for getting to Virginia, and will again receive mileage reimbursement when I return home at the end of my assignment. So this airfare is primarily meant for me to use in between ending my original 3 months and beginning my next 3 months here. I probably won’t use it until I plan on going home prior to my next vacation in March, but it’s a nice bonus.

My recruiter asked me if I wanted to stay at my current apartment or move elsewhere. I am satisfied with my current housing so I opted to stay.

My only concern was about my requested time off. Usually when I accept an assignment, I provide the weeks I need off beforehand, so I am guaranteed those days before I start. To me, the best part of doing locum tenens is I can take off as much time as I want, since I like to travel abroad.

I discussed this with the medical director, and she guaranteed that my requested time off would all be approved as long as I give advance notice.

Of course a new contract was drafted and signed. All of this was done 2 weeks prior to the end of my current assignment. I am confident that I made the right decision, but lets hope that I do not get too antsy staying in the same place.

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