Doximity Dialer App

During the “snow day” our clinic was closed, but we were expected to call all of our patients that were scheduled that day to make sure they were ok and had no acute needs. The other providers had their on-call phones that they were able to use. Since I am both a nurse practitioner and locum tenens provider, I am not on-call, nor do I have an on-call phone.

I needed to call my patients but I did not want them to have my phone number. Let’s be honest, most people do not answer unknown numbers or blocked calls, so *67 was out of the question.

Luckily, I was able to download the Doximity Dialer App. The app enabled me to choose what phone number I wanted my patients to see on their caller ID. I was able to input our clinic phone number so when I called them, it looked like I was actually calling from the clinic. This app ended up being a life-saver and it was easy to use!

Since then, I use this app occasionally to follow up on worrisome patients at night or over the weekend. I wanted to share this app with my readers in case you need a convenient way to reach patients without them having your phone number. You can easily find it at the app store on your iPhone or Android!

For more information, check out this video on youtube:

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