One of the benefits of working locum tenens is you are paid hourly. So if you have a busy day and end up staying an extra hour or two to catch up on documentation, you can bill for those hours. When those hours accumulate and exceed more than your 40 hour workweek, you get paid overtime (time and a half).

Most medical providers work beyond the 40 hour workweek. Unfortunately, those that are salary do not get paid for the extra hours they put in. Working during your lunch or for an extra half an hour after the clinic closes can easily add up.

Some weeks I work 42 hours a week, other times I may work 50 hours that week. Although I do not like having to work more than my 8 hour shift, things come up. I am grateful I at least get paid for it in comparison to my co-workers. The extra pay does add up. I calculated that working an average of 2 extra hours per week of overtime all year, can accumulate to one month’s income. This makes up for unpaid time off we use for vacations.

Some sites may be stricter with paying overtime, while others are more lenient. In my experience, as long as your are straightforward and do not take advantage; the sites will pay the overtime hours worked, no questions asked. I think most medical facilities are aware that their employees work more than the 40 hour workweek.

2 thoughts on “Overtime

  1. Do you have to make sure your contract addresses OT rate or is this covered by labor laws for hourly employees?

    1. Make sure the rate is written in the contract usually after the hourly rate. So the overtime should be 1.5 hour pay. Good question.

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