Best and Worst States for Nurse Practitioners

I stumbled upon these two articles about the best and worst states for nurse practitioners to practice in. I thought it would be interesting to share with my readers since we are always looking to work somewhere new.

6 Best States for Nurse Practitioners

I agree that Washington is one of the best states for nurse practitioners to practice in. We have full practice authority there, so we do not have to worry about collaboration with a physician. The pay is pretty good and there are always tons of jobs available. Plus, there is so much to do for those that love the outdoors! Click the link above to find out what other states are great for nurse practitioners.

5 Worst States for Nurse Practitioners

I completely agree that Florida is one of the worst states to practice in as a nurse practitioner. As much as I love living in Florida, nurse practitioners have limited practice authority, needing supervision from a physician. Florida was the last state to allow nurse practitioners to prescribe controlled substances (this just happened last year). The job market is tough since the state is saturated with nurse practitioners due to an abundance of nurse practitioner schools. And the pay is pretty low in comparison to most states in the U.S.  Click the link above to learn what other states you should probably avoid working in as a Nurse Practitioner.

2 thoughts on “Best and Worst States for Nurse Practitioners

  1. Now that South Dakota has full practice, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get added to that list of best places! Western South Dakota is gorgeous and no state income taxes!!

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