Locum Tenens Blogs – May 2017

Each month I share blog posts about locum tenens and nurse practitioners from around the web.

Check out this article I am featured in talking about pay and benefits of working as a traveling nurse practitioner. I think many people in the medical profession think it’s a downgrade being a locum tenens worker, but it truly is not!


As a woman and a nurse practitioner, I have to share:

SoFi (peer to peer lending company) that I used to refinance my student loans, is currently promoting Raise Week. Check out Sofi Raise Week for tips on how to ask for a raise you deserve! Don’t forget, you can also get a raise as a traveling nurse practitioner.


I know some working mothers that work locum tenens home health. The schedule is definitely flexible and you can often see as many or as little patients as you want. You are often paid per patient instead of hourly so this may be beneficial. For example, you may be paid up to $100 per patient so you would only need to do 5 home visits per day to make adequate pay. Read more about some perks of working in home health:


There continues to be an increased need for nurse practitioners and locum tenens professionals. Read the article below for more details:




If you missed last months posting, you can find it here.

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