Bad Interviews

For the majority of locum tenens positions, a phone interview is done prior to a site offering you a position. They are typically less nerve wrenching in comparison to in-person interviews. In fact, I don’t even think twice about them anymore.

They typically start the same way where the company summarizes how they work and why they have a need at this time. Then they want you to talk about yourself and your background. Sometimes they may ask a few clinical questions as well.

It’s always funny to hear about interviews that went wrong. One of my close friends recited a story to me about an odd interview she had for a locum tenens position. Apparently the interviewer kept talking down to her, making my friend feel like she was on trial. The interviewer made it seem like she was not interested in offering a position to my friend. Then 5 minutes later, she called back asking if it was true that my friend was fluent in Spanish. My friend said yes, and the interviewer said ‘you got the job!’ Of course my friend did not accept.

One of my readers shared her experience interviewing for a locum tenens position. The interviewer told her that when she sees the word “locum tenens on a CV” she thinks to herself “what’s wrong with them, why can’t they get a job?” This didn’t make any sense considering that site was looking for a locum tenens provider, so should be well aware of how locum tenens can fit the needs of a practice.

Fortunately, I’ve had only one bad interviewing experience. The interviewer asked me tons of insurance specific questions that I couldn’t answer. She made me feel like an idiot for not knowing those answers. I didn’t care since my job is to treat patients, not to know the specific details for different health insurance providers. At the end, she still offered me the position, in which I declined.

I think the most important aspect of the interview is to feel like the site will be welcoming, patient, and understanding with you. Considering I will be joining them to provide help, I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that does not give off a positive vibe.

Anyone want to share some weird interview experiences?

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