Locum Tenens Blogs – July 2017

This month I wanted to share two articles I really enjoyed reading from around Barton Associate’s Blog.

The first article is: Advice for Being a First-Time Locum: What These Providers Want You to Know! Experienced locum tenens providers shared some great tips. My favorite tip was when working locum tenens, to remember why you are there and not to feel guilty leaving patients or co-workers when your assignment ends.

I also wanted to share this article: 6 Common CV Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Locum Tenens Jobs. I often help my readers match up with some of my recruiters, and will let them know if their CV needs some work. So this article has a good outline of what your CV should look like! It helps to polish your CV and give it a makeover, especially when applying for your first assignment.

Lastly, if you missed last months posting, you can find it here.

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