I just posted about my final extension at my current site. Moreover, I wanted to share some kind words that were said to me during the final weeks of my previous extension.

“You have changed the way I see locum tenens.” The Medical Director told me this when asking for my final extension. She said she was previously apprehensive about hiring locum tenens providers but now sees it can work with the right fit. They even hired 2 locum tenens physicians after I started to help with a maternity leave and walk-ins at some of the other clinics.

“In my eyes you are a physician. There are some nurse practitioners that work better than some physicians, and you are one of them.” The physician lead at my clinic mentioned this to me as her eyes filled with tears just thinking of the possibility of me leaving. I will always be a nurse at heart but it is nice to be appreciated by a physician and for them to recognize the benefits of having nurse practitioners at their clinics.

After telling my patient his Diabetic A1c improved from 17% to 8% in only 3 months he said: “That is thanks to you. I appreciate you looking out for me, going above and beyond and doing more things for me than most doctors.”

I sent one of my new patients, whom was completely healthy and on no medications for a routine colonoscopy. The colonoscopy was positive for colon cancer and imaging confirmed an additional renal cancer. Luckily he was able to undergo a partial colectomy and nephrectomy and recuperated really well. After seeing him post-op, he said to me: “Thank you! I wouldn’t be alive here today if it wasn’t for you!”

I thought it would be nice to shares these kind words. It is easy to get burnt out in medicine, but if you remember why you got into the healthcare field in the first place, it should keep you motivated. As a PCP we are constantly hearing ‘complaints’ all day. “My back hurts; I have difficulty breathing; I have no energy” etc. So hearing words of appreciation really makes our day J

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