Some of the top agencies I recommend include (click on the name to be directed to their website):


Barton Associates                      

Comp Health                                        TinkBird

Staff Care


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6 thoughts on “Agencies

  1. Hi!
    Newbie to the travel scene here. I’m so glad you have this blog, it has been very helpful.

    Have you worked with Vista Staffing? Do you know any major differences between the companys that one should be aware of?


  2. Please tell me how Locums pays NPs? Which companies hire new grads? What type of salary should I expect as a AGACNP?`

    1. You wouldn’t be paid salary if you work Locums, you would be paid hourly. The majority of agencies help place new grads. Please see previous posts about being paid W2 vs 1099. All previous post titles are listed to the right side of my blog page. If you have more questions feel free to email me at

  3. Hi Sophia!
    I came across your blog when searching for more information about locum NPs. I’m considering this transition, but am very hesitant. My husband works as a PTA, so he could travel as well. We have a 3 year old, so my main concern would be finding schools for her and making sure we have steady work. Do you think locum work would be stable enough without long periods in between assignments? I worked as a travel nurse in the past and loved it, but the NP travel would be new (plus I have to factor in a child now). I see you recommend working with several agencies. Do you pay for your own medical insurance or does one of your companies do that for you?

    1. HI, yeah there are a bunch of assignments that would like a long-term commitment like 6 months to 1 year or there is always the option to extend your current assignment. Usually the agency pays for the malpractice. Feel free to email me more questions at

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