The Search Process

Depending on your flexibility, the search process can take several weeks to months. If you are open to going anywhere then that increases your chance of finding an assignment quickly. Often medical facilities want you to begin ASAP, so if you do not hold a license in the state they are located, they are unwilling to wait. Therefore, your first locum tenens assignment is commonly the toughest one to find.

Since the agency has not worked with you previously, they do not know how serious you are about starting a travel nurse practitioner position. Unfortunately, finding the first assignment requires you to be an advocate for yourself. If you need assistance during the search process, feel free to contact me ,as I can help vouch for you with my recruiters.

My favorite locum tenens agencies were the ones that my recruiters were following up with me frequently. Even if they didn’t have something that matched my interest, I knew they were looking out for me.



For my first travel nurse practitioner assignment, I initially wanted to go to the New England area. Some challenges I faced were the sites unwillingness to wait for me to obtain a license because they needed someone to start right away. When I did find places that were willing to wait for me to get a license, they wanted a long commitment that extended into winter. Coming from south Florida, I knew winters in New England would be too difficult for me. After 1-2 months without any luck, I decided to change my location interest.

I was interested in the pacific coast, although I knew California licenses can take several months to obtain. After discussing this with my recruiters, they informed me that there were a lot of opportunities in Washington State and Oregon. I had always wanted to go to Seattle but never had the chance, so I figured it would be the perfect time.

One week after agreeing to purse availabilities in the pacific west, I had an ideal offer. A site in Washington State was willing to wait for me to be licensed and were flexible in the length of my assignment. Most importantly, I was able to escape the cold winter.



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