Why I became a Travel Nurse Practitioner

Working in Miami, FL as a family nurse practitioner was exciting at first. During the first year, it was a learning process and figuring out what worked best for me as a provider. I have always loved being challenged and trying new things. So after 3 years of working in the same primary care office, I was ready for a change. I knew I did not want to stay in Miami because I was interested in working with a different population. My patient population in Miami was majority Hispanic and elderly.

Sometimes we get comfortable working in the same environment. However, health care is constantly changing and I think the best thing we can do is work in different environments and with different patient populations, in order to gain a diverse set of experiences and skills.



In addition, I was personally fed up with living in a large city; where there is constant traffic, rude people, and a high cost of living. I was aware that leaving my family and friends would be tough, but at least I knew I would only be gone temporarily. The great thing about locum tenens is that when your assignment ends, they always bring you back home (for free).

Another reason why I decided to become a travel nursing practitioner is because I have friends that live all over the USA. Since I graduated from Florida State University, most of my friends moved away for their jobs. I try to visit some of them each year, but they are all just so spread out. Thus, by doing travel work I am able to visit them all routinely, while I make an income.

I believe locum tenens work is actually easier to jump into opposed to travel nursing as an RN. The reason for this is because everything we need is in our brain. Compared to RN’s that have to learn an entire new floor and where they keep items.

Nonetheless, I am glad I decided to become a travel nurse practitioner. One of my mentors told me it may be difficult at first, but it will only make me stronger. And she was right!

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