Choosing Between Multiple Assignments

Sometimes when searching for your next assignment, you can end up with more than one offer on your lap. I personally like having multiple offers so I can choose the best one. However, I am sort of a commitment-phobe so when I have multiple offers, I end up overwhelming myself and have a hard time choosing. How should we choose between multiple assignments?

When looking for an assignment, I mentally note what my priority is at the moment. Do I HAVE to be in Florida because winter is coming? Is a HIGH pay rate important this time so I can save up for a major purchase? Am I physically drained from my last job and need a lighter work load? It’s important to evaluate what you value most in your next assignment because it will facilitate the decision making process.

My needs often vary. Sometimes I care more about the location so I am willing to take a lower pay, other times I sacrifice the location I want to work in because I do not feel like seeing 30 patients a day.

During my most recent assignment search, I ended up with several options:

1. Brief local assignment in my home base – Miami, FL. Pay lower than usual. Light patient load.

2. Brief assignment in California, in a rural setting. Pay was my usual rate. Fair patient load.

3. 3 month assignment in North Carolina, major city. Pay was my usual rate. Moderate-heavy patient load, and I would be the sole provider at the clinic.

4. Transitioning with my previous site (in Virginia) to work in their clinic in Florida (not in Miami). Same pay. Same load as before.

How did I end up choosing number 1? I think it is easier to narrow down your choice through the process of elimination. I knew I wasn’t ready for #4 because I needed a break from working at this type of setting with very complex geriatric patients. Thus, I eliminated #4 as an option. I originally thought it would be neat to go back to California for a short period of time to catch up with some friends. When I began researching flights from Virginia (where I was at that time), I realized it would take 13 hours of flying for me to reach that rural destination. I didn’t think a 3-week gig was worth the amount of flying time it takes to get to Europe or the Middle East. Thus, I also eliminated #2 as an option.

Finally, I was left with option #1 and #3. Option #1 was safe, I could just go home for a bit, which is never a bad idea. #3 was more exciting because I could live in a new state. I had traveled to North Carolina before and really liked it. Eventually, I decided to go with #1.

Foremost, I needed to be home to oversee some repairs on my house after Hurricane Irma. Although the pay was lower than usual, it was something I was able to overlook because the patient load was light, and the assignment period brief. I eliminated #3 as an option additionally because it is not ideal for me to be the sole provider at a really busy clinic.

I always think it’s good to have multiple options for your next assignment, so in case one falls through you can have a backup. Yet, it can be a challenging process to choose one assignment
from multiple great offers. How have you chosen between multiple assignment offers in the past?


2 thoughts on “Choosing Between Multiple Assignments

  1. This is a great post, Sophia! It really shows how to choose the best position for your own particular circumstance. I just have a silly question. Does each job require a certain dress code or are you good to wear scrubs with a lab coat? Just wondering. Thanks!

    1. They usually want business casual. Some are super casual and don’t even require lab coat.
      Providers don’t typically wear scrubs unless they are doing a lot of procedures.

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