Spokane, Washington


The great thing about being a locum tenens Nurse Practitioner is being able to travel! I may not currently be in the largest town ever, but it’s ok since I find myself working for the majority of the time on weekdays. I do have the weekends off, so I take advantage of my free time to explore nearby towns.

My first weekend here, I went to Spokane, Washington. Before moving to Washington, I went on Pinterest and searched for ideas of places to visit. I immediately saw a beautiful picture of a waterfall in Spokane. Everyone that travels has different interests. Some people I know love trying new food; others enjoy going to museums or natural parks. Although I definitely cannot pinpoint one exact thing I travel for, I do love waterfalls (maybe I get it from my grandmother).

As soon as I had the chance, I drove the 1.5 hours to Spokane Riverside Park. I walked along the river and saw several incredible views of the waterfalls. It was so relaxing listening to the movement of the water. The weather was in the perfect high 60’s/low 70’s.

One of the pins I posted from Pinterest was of this gondola that goes over the waterfall. I thought it was super cool to get so close to the falls. When my sister and I had visited the Niagara Falls a couple of years ago, we took a boat ride close to the falls. So seeing a waterfall from a different angle really appealed to me. The gondola was a little frightening at times because it would shake with the wind, but it was certainly worth the view.


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