CA License Part 2


I previously wrote about finally obtaining my California license and being ecstatic about it. It ended up still being a bit of a hassle because the CA furnishing license took another 4 weeks. On top of that, CA board of nursing required me to take a 3 hour continuing education course on scheduled II controlled substances through the California Association of Nurse Practitioners. Luckily, the agency I was working with paid for the course which cost $250.

The course itself was pretty easy and straightforward. It consisted of reading powerpoints and pdf documents at your own pace. Then I had to take a short test on what I had read. Once I passed the test, I submitted the certification to the CA BON. They had provided me with a fax number to submit a copy of the certification.

I was impressed with my licensing coordinator from the agency because as soon as I faxed it over, she already called to make sure her contacts there input the information. Within 1 hour she had called me to tell me the CA BON changed my furnishing license to allow scheduled II’s to be prescribed, and the DEA has already provided her with my new CA DEA.

Those of us that have obtained or are in the process of obtaining a CA license know how slow the CA BON of works, and how difficult it is to get in contact with someone there. If you plan on working in California, make sure you allow an ample amount of time to obtain your license.

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