Searching for an Assignment

After deciding to become a travel Nurse Practitioner, the next step is finding the right assignment.

Below are some things you should do before searching:

-Updating your resume
-Gathering all of your supporting documents (CEU’s, CPR/BLS, Licenses, Certifications, Vaccination/Titer record, PPD/CXR record, Graduate/Undergraduate Diplomas, Driver’s License etc.)
Note: It may be best to have all of these scanned and uploaded to your computer so you can easily submit them to agencies when requested.
-Decide what location, setting, and time frame you are interested in traveling

Next, you should contact several locum tenens agencies and ask to speak to a recruiter for nurse practitioners.

Some of the top agencies I recommend include (click on the name to be directed to their website):

Staff Care
Barton Associates
Comp Health
All Medical
Delta Locums
VISTA Staffing
Medical Doctor Associates

There are many more other locum tenens agencies but those listed above are the most common ones used and recommended. I suggest getting into contact with at least 5 different agencies. The application and paperwork may seem redundant, but the more agencies you are connected to, the more likely you will be matched with your dream assignment.

I recommend reading through their websites to get a feel of how they work. For instance, some of them may pay you via W2 in which they take out taxes and provide benefits such as health insurance. On the other hand, some may pay you as a sole proprietor via 1099, in which they do not take out taxes but you can deduct self-employment expenses at the end of the year. Different methods of pay may benefit different types of people, so discover what works best for you.

Most of the agencies keep an updated list of current job openings on their website. Look at this page to determine if they have availability in the state of your choice. The most recent the date, the better; as many job openings are quickly filled and no longer available. After providing a recruiter with your preferences, they will follow up with you on any openings. Yet, I strongly encourage you to look on their website every couple of days to see if there are any job availabilities that interest you. Recruiters are very busy and appreciate you being active in the search process.


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