Questions from Readers – September

Each month I will include a blog entry answering some of the most common questions I get from readers about locum tenens as a nurse practitioner. Feel free to comment any questions you have or email me at


  • I have worked at a permanent job for over 10 years. I am now interested in trying out locum tenens, but I am a bit worried about the transition. You always seem so confident so was wondering if you had any tips for us newbies?


This is an example of a pretty common question I get from my readers. I think any major step in life can be a bit nerve wrecking; this includes buying a house or getting married. Nothing in life is guaranteed but if you want to start a new adventure, travel to new places, and build yourself professionally; working in locum tenens can be a great option!

Here are a few tips of I have for those of you initially starting a career as a locum tenens nurse practitioner:

-Stay open minded, especially with your first assignment. Your first assignment will be a learning curve, so don’t think you HAVE to go to the best place on earth. (I have seen a lot of you act on this advice, which is great).

-Work with multiple agencies. To increase your probability of finding the right assignment, you are going to have to work with more than one agency. Yes this means tedious paperwork, but it pays off in the end. You can also compare benefits and choose which one you prefer. (Example: working W2 vs 1099, living in a hotel vs having an apartment).

-Always look for your next assignment. After working the first month of your current assignment, you should already be thinking about where you are going next. Should you be working on obtaining another license? Start looking at states you are interested in to see if there are job options there that meet your needs. The last month at your current assignment is crucial, as that’s when most jobs will open up (last minute). You can easily have your next assignment secured 1 to 4 weeks in advance.


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